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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions


What do Illini Shuttle buses look like?

Illini Shuttle runs a mixture of Mercedes Sprinters (large vans) and full-sized motorcoaches. The Sprinters all say "Illini Shuttle" on the side. Coaches usually say "Suburban Express" on the side. But we also work with several partner companies, who have buses that are all colors of the rainbow. If you are waiting for Illini Shuttle and you see a bus or a van, please approach the driver and ask if he is operating the trip that you intend to ride. If you sit in your car and watch a bus pull in and leave without approaching the driver, you may not get where you're going.

Do Illini Shuttle buses have outlets? Wi-fi?

All of the vehicles we own have USB charging outlets and Wi-fi. Charging outlets are typically on the left side of the vehicle and not the right side, so pick a seat on the left side if you have something to charge. Wi-Fi works best in urban areas. There are some noticeable gaps in coverage between Kankakee and Champaign. We block high-bandwidth websites like YouTube, as well as adult sites.

Do Illini Shuttle buses have restrooms?

Our full-sized motorcoaches all have restrooms. Our Mercedes Sprinters do not have restrooms, but drivers will offer to stop at Paxton and Monee rest areas, which are about 45 min and 1:30 north of Champaign.


Can I refund or exchange my ticket?

There are a number of things you can do with a ticket if you are not able to use it:

1) If you have not printed or viewed your ticket, you can refund it until 4 hours before departure time. Once you print or view your ticket, this option is no longer available.

2) If you have printed or viewed your ticket, you aren't out of luck. Your ticket may be returned for standby credit ten days after the trip has occurred. You may use your standby credit to purchase a new ticket up to one hour before departure time. Standby credits are valid for one year.

3) If your trip starts at O'Hare, you can stand by on an earlier or later trip on the same day for $5. Priority is given to passengers boarding a trip earlier than the ticketed departure time. Cash purchases come next, and passengers who are boarding after their ticketed departure time come last. There is no guarantee that any passengers, other than those with correct tickets, will be accommodated.

Otherwise, tickets are not refundable or exchangeable.

I'm trying to refund my ticket, but it says I cannot because I have viewed the ticket. Why can't I refund it?

Once you download your ticket -- to view it or print it -- the cat is out of the bag and we can't prevent you from using the ticket. Therefore, we can't give you your money back. The only alternative after you've downloaded your ticket is to return it for standby credit. When you obtain a standby credit, we check to make sure the ticket wasn't used before we issue the standby credit.

I have a standby credit, but I can't seem to buy a ticket. Why is this?

Standby credits allow you to stand by for a departure. You can purchase a ticket with a standby credit one hour before departure time. Sometimes, seats are not available an hour before departure time, and you will have to choose another departure time. This is the nature of "standing by".

I bought a ticket for my son. The ticket has my name on it. Can he board?


Are tickets transferrable?

You should not sell or give away your ticket. If the person you give it to makes multiple copies, then you will be liable for multiple fares.


Will the bus wait for me?

We operate as close to schedule as we possibly can. The passengers already on the bus do not want to be delayed by someone who didn't bother to show up on time. We recommend that you arrive at departure location 1/2 hour before departure when boarding in suburbs, and 15 minutes at campus stops.

Can I bring my emotional support llama?

No. We do not allow pets or emotional support animals. We allow only legitimate accredited service animals for blind passengers and those with physical disabilities.

Will you drop me at Terminal 5?

Our schedule does not include dropping at Terminal 5. To reach Terminal 5, board the people-mover at Terminal 2 and ride to Terminal 5.

Can I bring food/drink?

Food and drink should not be brought on our Sprinters. The confined space of a Sprinter means that food and drink odors will be foisted on others who may not want to smell your food. Food and drink are welcome on buses. Please deposit all packaging and containers in trash bag at front of bus or trash container at rear of bus.


I tried several times to buy a ticket and failed, but my bank/credit card account has numerous charges. How do I make those go away?

When you initiate a payment, we send info to the credit card processor. The credit card processor may accept your charge, decline your charge, or accept it but notify us of problems. If they accept a charge but notify us of problems, like the billing zip does not match, we respond that we do not want to proceed with the charge and we do not complete the ticket sale. When this happens, the bank backs out the authorization it has placed on your card. Even though we don't proceed with the charge, the authorization remains for up to 72 hours.

We do not have any control over your bank/credit card's authorizations policies or workflow. We can't make authorizations disappear, nor can we accelerate their disappearance. The best bet is to know your correct billing address before you attempt to make a purchase and enter it carefully. There is no point in entering the same information over and over. Doing so will not result in a completed transaction, but it will tie up your account with numerous authorizations.

I tried to purchase a ticket a week ago and failed, but the charge still appears on my bank/credit card statement. What should I do?

Give us a call and we'll look into the situation. Every once in a blue moon (maybe one charge per 10000 transactions), our credit card processor chokes. We're happy to correct legitimate problems when they are brought to our attention. Please call us before you call your credit card company.