Illini Shuttle
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Customer Service


Tickets may usually be returned for "store credit." To return a ticket for store credit, visit https://busline.com/storecreditrequest/

Please note that Illini Shuttle tickets are not refundable or exchangeable and they may not be used on a date/trip other than that which is indicated on the ticket. We do not make exceptions to this policy.

If you believe that you have a unique set of circumstances which warrants special consideration, please download this form and send it in and we will do our best to address your situation.

Lost Items

If you lost something on one of our buses please fill out our
Lost Item Report

Communicate With Us

If you would like to report a service failure or compliment a driver or staff member, please send us a quick note at: Illini Shuttle Customer Service, PO Box 220, Paxton, IL 60957.