Now Hiring Mini-Bus/Shuttle Drivers


Illini Shuttle operates between Champaign and Chicago Airports and Suburbs. We've been operating airport shuttle service since October, 2004.

Here's a short video showing an important part of the job: Typical Campus Pick-Up

We're growing, and we need you on our team!


Driving for Illini Shuttle has several benefits over other driving jobs:

Compensation & Benefits

We are currently hiring full-time Mini-Bus/Shuttle drivers. Choose from one of two compensation plans:

Hourly: You'll drive five or six trips to Chicago area each week (you choose whether you are a five day driver or six day driver). You'll typically work the same days each week, and specific trip assignments are known about 3 days in advance. Wage is $14.50/hr initially and $15.00 after 10 months of excellent service. All time is straight time. A $200/month health insurance allowance (to pay for insurance you purchase) is provided for employee after eight weeks of service.

Training is paid at minimum wage and takes about 40 hours. Health insurance begins after eight week probationary period.

Hourly and Salaried employees both get one week of paid vacation after one year of employment.

Drivers with strong communication skills who demonstrate enthusiasm, commitment, and who are safe and reliable may be invited to do additional non-driving work, such as supervising loadings, training new drivers, etc.

Home Base

Our storage lot is located in north Champaign. You'll report to work at this location. Free parking and free beverages are provided.


Mini-Bus/Shuttle Driver

Application Process

Before you can drive for us, we'll check you out:


Application Instructions

Please bring a photocopy of your driver's license. If you have a current dot physical, please bring a photocopy of your DOT physical certificate.

Application takes about an hour to complete.


Current Application Times

Date             Time                  	Location
----             ----                  	--------

December 1       10:00 am - 4:00 pm      Champaign Storage Lot, Hensley x I-57, near the giant rooster, Champaign

Application must be started one hour prior to end time and completed by end time.

Check back for additional dates/times. Remember, the early bird gets the worm.

Our Equipment

Mercedes-built Sprinter shuttles